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Designed to keep games competitive when there are heavy betting favorites/ underdogs, NBA betting spreads are America’s most popular basketball game line, driving hopeful gamblers to market to wager on games they otherwise might not.

Spread betting can appear difficult to a newcomer to sportsbook gambling though, and with so many options available on the NBA spread market, in particular, it’s fair to say that there’s plenty more to it than just vouching for an underdog. The confusion surrounding NBA spread betting is what inspired us to write this article, so read on to learn everything you need to know about this popular game line.

NBA Spread Betting Offers
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NBA Spread Betting Sites Reviewed

Below, we’ve offered up our picks for the top 5 best NBA spread betting sites. It might be that the site in question has the deepest spread betting markets, or the best odds, or is available in most states. But for one reason or another, these are our favorite five when it comes to betting on the spread.

MyBookie – Great NBA Spread Betting Odds

MyBookie NBA Spread Betting Odds

A sportsbook long revered for providing among the very best NBA spread betting odds available, MyBookie is well worth a look.

The NBA spread betting site and its accompanying app contain spreads for all NBA regular season and playoff games, as well as NCAA and WNBA. On top of the variety of leagues available, there is also tons of optionality regarding the spreads: MyBookie features alternative spreads, spreads on the quarter/half, etc., providing bettors with more opportunity to place the kinds of wagers they truly believe will payout.

Available practically nationwide due to being based offshore, MyBookie also contains plenty of NBA spread betting tips and strategy guides, including free picks and weekly newsletters, et al.


  • The site is easily accessible in most states
  • MyBookie features alternate spreads and spread betting options for quarter and half
  • The sportsbook features spread betting guides, containing useful tips and info on spread betting
  • NBA Spread betting odds are among the best around


  • Can be slow to broadcast NBA spread betting odds
  • Spread betting odds for games that have already played out tend to remain on-site for 24hrs – you can’t bet on them, but it’s confusing nonetheless


DraftKings – Multitude of NBA Spread Betting Markets

This sportsbook probably provides more optionality than any other when it comes to NBA spread betting. It’s possible to wager on the spread for the game, half, and quarter. During the playoffs, DraftKings also broadcast spread betting odds on the prop market. So, it was possible to wager on the spread for players head to head, for example.

DraftKings is an officially licensed betting partner of the NBA. It might be purely aesthetic, but it’s always nice to see your team’s logo appear when betting on the NBA spread.

Plus, working in such close capacity with the NBA enables the sportsbook to broadcast useful stats and info regarding how teams are fairing against the spread. These stats, coupled with the excellent DK Nation, which contains tons of NBA spread betting strategy guides, vlogs, etc., helps to make Draftkings one of the very best sportsbooks around when it comes to this game line.


  • Plenty of optionality on spread betting markets, including game, half, quarter, and even prop bets (player vs. player) during playoffs
  • Sportsbook contains easily accessible information on teams vs. the spread – very useful!
  • Official betting partner of the NBA
  • Early to broadcast spread betting odds
  • DK Nation provides plenty of useful tips/info on NBA spread betting strategy


  • Better NBA spread odds are available elsewhere
  • Available in fewer states than some of the offshore competition


BetUS – Enjoy NBA Spread Betting in Most American States

An NBA spread betting app that prides itself on deep spread market optionality, BetUS is well worth your consideration.

It’s a sportsbook that allows its patrons to wager on NBA futures, game days, and live scenarios, with the spread market becoming more detailed and varied as the cream of the NBA crop reaches the playoffs and beyond. BetUS features the regular spread, plus alternates and variations for player battles, etc. and it tends to offer good value across all major NBA betting lines, too.

The offshore sportsbook is accessible practically nationwide and also provides patrons with access to all the vital, up-to-date stats and metrics you’d need to analyze before making a wager on the spread – it’s very user-friendly in that sense. Plus, the BetUS bonus codes can be lucrative too, which is always appreciated.


  • Spread markets for every NBA game, plus WNBA, NCAAB, Under-19 Championships
  • Parlay betting feature works with NBA spread betting
  • $2,500 Risk-Free bet for new users
  • Stats and metrics available to view on-site to help bettors execute spread betting strategy
  • NBA spread Picks are available for free on the app & website


  • Not as quick to market with NBA spread betting odds as some of the competition


Fan Duel – Amazing Deals on NBA Spreads throughout the Year

Another official betting partner of the NBA, FanDuel takes its NBA spread betting seriously: sportsbook users will find it’s simple to wager on the spread for the game, half, and quarter. Alternate spread betting options are also available, and the odds tend to be competitive to boot.

FanDuel also provides its patrons with easy access to player/team stats, helping users to execute their spread betting strategies with ease and in a time-efficient manner – you don’t need to keep bouncing around to other sites to scope the analytics.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for FanDuel’s much-vaunted ‘Spread the Love’ campaign, in which bettors are able to set the spread, should it make another appearance next season: last year, users were able to get the Philadelphia 76ers at +59.5 on the spread vs. the Bucks – the company was basically just giving money away at that point!


  • NBA spread betting odds are highly competitive
  • NBA spread Live betting is an option
  • Alternate NBA spread betting markets open all season
  • Official betting partner of the NBA means all the team logos are displayed next to spread betting options – purely aesthetic but we do like it
  • ‘Spread the Love’ campaign is well worth keeping an eye out for


  • Not as accessible across the country as offshore sites


Bovada – Deep NBA Spread Betting Markets

An NBA betting app that makes sure to provide its customers with deep markets and plenty of optionality on the spread, Bovada is one of the lead players when it comes to spread betting on the NBA.

The sportsbook enables its patrons to bet live on the NBA spreads too; the odds are generally very competitive, and the Bovada bonus codes are generally well worth keeping tabs on since there’s no better way of wagering on an NBA spread than by using someone else’s money!


  • Deep markets for NBA spreads
  • $750 Welcome Bonus to newcomers
  • Well presented website and NBA betting app that’s easy to use and navigate
  • Easy to place parlay bets


  • No live streaming of NBA games in the USA

Discover Our Top Betting Guides

NBA Spread Betting Explained

The point spread challenges bettors to wager on how many points team X will win or lose by. For example, if the NBA spread is Houston Rockets (+5.5) vs. Los Angeles Lakers (-5.5), the Rockets need to win the game or lose by less than 6 points for your bet to payout. If you wagered on the Lakers in the same game, L.A. would need to win by 6 clear points for your bet to payout. In a nutshell, this is point spread betting NBA games explained – it’s just a way of evening the playing ‘court’ slightly.

There are, however, countless variations of the spread, particularly when concerning a league like the NBA, which so readily lends itself to the fast-paced world of NBA live betting on the spread.

NBA Spread betting on the quarter

  • Following the same principle as spread betting on the game, here bettors are challenged to predict the point differential at the end of a specific quarter. Generally, the differential is lower than it is at the end of the game since less time has elapsed, so expect to see spreads at +3.5/-3.5, etc. Other than that, it’s the exact same concept as detailed earlier.

NBA Spread betting on the half

  •  This is the same as the others (game and quarter), only this time, a bettor is wagering on the point differential at the half.

Alternate NBA spread betting markets:

  • The premier NBA spread betting sites, such as Bovada, DraftKings, and BetUS also enable bettors to select a spread option that they feel is most likely, as opposed to just the one option gifted to them by the oddsmakers. If you look at the image below the section heading provided by the excellent DraftKings, you’ll notice how deep the alternate spread betting market is. DraftKings gets its spread alternates broadcast early, but BetUS and Bovada tend to put them up once the live-in-play betting begins.

NBA betting spread over time:

  • Occasionally, when a game is tied, overtime is necessary to get a winner. It’s possible to spread bet solely on the point differential during overtime on most of the best NBA spread betting apps. But, it is worth mentioning that should you have wagered on a game spread, overtime is added, giving you a second chance to hit the spread. Fanduel and MyBookie are solid examples of sportsbooks that have this option available as part of their NBA spread betting platter.

Where to locate NBA Betting Spread Free Predictions 

With wagering on the NBA now just a common practice across the country, there’s really no need whatsoever to be coughing up your hard-earned dollars to get your NBA Picks from oddsmaking specialists. There is all manner of sportsbooks, sports broadcasters, and fan forums, etc. littering the internet from which you can get your NBA betting spread free predictions and all the analytics you can shake a stick at.

Free NBA Picks are available on ESPN, which works in tandem with William Hill’s NBA betting odds. FOXBET is another trusted provider of free picks, not to mention some of the sites listed up the page, such as BetUS, MyBookie, and Bovada, which all contain great, expert advice on NBA gambling markets from the spread to the NBA Draft.

Sportsbooks are launching an assault for your trust as they expand out into new American states and, as such, transparency and the help provided on these sportsbooks in the forms of picks, blogs, vlogs, and the like has never been higher. A few of our favorite sites to frequent for spread betting tips and useful stats are as follows:

  • DK Nation (Draftkings tips and forums, etc)
  • BetUS (Free NBA Picks)
  • MyBookie (Free NBA Picks)
  • ESPN.com (chocked full of basketball stats)
  • NBA.com (all the stats and all the latest news coming out of the NBA)
  • IG Tipping Pages
  • NBA Twitter Picks

And we’ll have to shamelessly plug ourselves here, too:

  • Basketball Insiders (we aren’t directly affiliated with any major sportsbook in particular, so the advice we do give is generally what our team of gambling pros plans to bet on)

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NBA Spread Betting Strategy 

NBA Betting Strategy Spread vs Moneyline

  • Betting on the spread is a beginner’s strategy all of its own. Wagering on the winner/loser via the moneyline is all well and good. But what you’ll tend to find is unfavorable odds for the favorite, which causes many of us to back the underdog. The spread is designed to keep things interesting. You’ll likely find better odds on, say, the Milwaukee Bucks to win with a spread of 7.5 (-100) than you do just on an outright Bucks win on the moneyline (-250, for example).

Betting Against the Mid-Late Season Stuffing

  • When the season really hots up and the cream separates itself from the chaff, oddsmakers start to lose their minds a little. Big far-reaching NBA betting spreads start to appear on basketball betting apps: LeBron and the Lakers to stuff Houston with a spread of -18.5 (and the like).  The simple fact is, these types of maulings aren’t seen all that regularly in the game of basketball and it’s usually better to bet against the spread in these situations.

Ride the Wave of Momentum

  • Momentum is a real thing in sport and not just basketball either. That team on a five-game winning streak is likely to continue the hot form. Keep an eye on teams that are consistently winning and losing and back them to the hills. There was a study performed some eight years ago that showed the probability of the team continuing its streak was something like 65%. Most of the best NBA spread betting sites and apps will also show you how many times a team has covered its spread – the same rules apply: If a team is covering its spread 60-70+% of the time, jump on board and ride the wave. FanDuel is a great example of a sportsbook that actually displays how teams are fairing against the spread and a good choice for anyone wishing to perfect the strategy

The Martingale NBA Spread Betting System

  • This is a risky system to employ on NBA spreads but it has been known to pay off. There are pro bettors out there who swear by it. The martingale system is a simple NBA betting strategy that involves doubling down on your bet each time you lose. In order for it to be effective, you will need a large bankroll and the bravery of a lion – things can get out of and very quickly: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 – the numbers keep going up and it’s not uncommon to lose five in a row. This is not a system for everyone. But, if you’re willing to do your research and you truly believe you know the game of basketball inside out, it is possible to have success when implementing the Martingale System when NBA spread betting.

Bet against a 3 in 4 Team

  • Another simple strategy for point spread NBA betting is to wager against a team winning three out of four games in quick succession. The idea is straightforward: a team that has played three games back to back to back is likely to be tired, and defense tends to suffer before offense in such cases, as players save their best efforts for the flashy offense. By this logic, it’s wise to bet against a team covering the NBA spread when such a situation arises.

NBA Spread Betting Against the Public

  • This is one of the most popular methods for winning big when placing NBA bets at online sportsbooks (and also when day trading where it’s known as ‘taking the contrarian position’). Simply check out what the general public is doing and try NBA betting against the spread; ie. do the exact opposite of what everybody else is doing. The idea is that there’s a reason why sportsbooks (and wall street, for that matter) are in business, and it’s not because they want us to win…

Best NBA Spread Betting Offers

Below is a list of the highest-paying welcome bonuses available at the best NBA spread betting sites:

NBA Spread Betting Offers
BetUS logo 125% sign up bonus. Bet $1000 Get $1250 Free. Star Rating Get Offer
MyBookie logo 50% Deposit Bonus up to $1000 Star Rating Get Offer
Bovada logo Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus Star Rating Get Offer
XBet logo 100% Up To $500 - No Code Required Star Rating Get Offer
BetOnline Casino logo 100% up to $1,000 Casino Bonus Star Rating Get Offer
GTBets logo 100% First Deposit Bonus of $500 Star Rating Get Offer
BUSR logo 100% Bonus up to $1000 Star Rating Get Offer

What is a spread in NBA betting?

What is a spread on betting NBA?

Explain what spread, moneyline, and total points mean in NBA betting:

What does +7 mean in point spread?

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